The name Repleat originates and is a imagined hybrid of: replete (which means an abundance of something, and to be well-supplied), pleats (significant to us as we feature a lot of pleats, dimensional folds across our designs) and repeat (which speaks to the repetitive nature of folds, creases and patterns in our designs - and how this contributes to the creation of form and structure.) 
Repleat was founded officially in August 2015. 3 women in one family working across the globe - from New York to Malaysia. I designed the branding keeping in mind our 'motto' and idealogy behind what we created the brand to stand for and be, in addition to reflecting the bags' aesthetics and connecting the two seamlessly. The logo features a thoughtfulness for creases and the forms they create - and signifies the dimensional quality/aesthetic we carry through the entire brand. 


I developed and designed the Repleat website utilizing Tictail's checkout system and platform. I created the homepage experience using html, css and javascript for the movements and additional effects. The homepage acts as an opportunity to showcase our lookbook/collection so I wanted to create this to be as engaging as possible to encourage click-throughs to our product pages. Have a peek here:


I ensured that our mobile experience provided as much engagement (yet simplicity) as our desktop. This is important as mobile shoppers have trumped the number of desktop shoppers and it is important that our e-commerce experience takes this heavily into consideration. Because of this, the experience on mobile is slightly different - I implemented different effects and movements allowing the user to take in one image at a time on the homepage/lookbook. 


Our brand aesthetic was implemented on different pieces, in addition, I designed items to include in our shipments to increase exposure of Repleat as a brand. We include a polypropylene envelope including a designed postcard explaining handling and care of each bag as well as stickers with our branding. 



I have very much enjoyed launching Repleat and am excited for what is yet to come. I have begun to learn things in all areas of ecommerce, marketing, analytics and advertising that are technical skills I have never had to develop, I know I have a lot to learn and am constantly learning (and overwhelmed!). I'm continually interested as this has opened my eyes to the effectiveness of small hacks and digital marketing to run and drive revenue.

I have been involved in and learning Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Conversion Metrics, and even Excel (that I didn't think I would have to touch again!) My role in Repleat is to manage and direct all creative/design as well as marketing and book-keeping. I also look for partnerships and other brands for wholesale opportunities, and manage/ship out all inventory to US based customers. 

We have been fortunate to be featured on some well acknowledged websites and publications, as well as the stores for 3 art museums throughout the US fairly early on from our brand launching. We are currently seeking out more partnerships with stores in addition to unlocking our perfect Facebook audience! Thank you for reading. Some chosen images have been featured from our lookbook below.