Volaris Airlines


The art direction and creation of a new design system for Volaris (a low budget Mexican airlines) for digital and social use. The task was to target and speak to both our VFR audience (an older audience with most having roots in Mexico and skeptical about flying) and Leisure Travelers (may or may not have roots already in Mexico but are young and curious about travel/wide-eyed to seeing new places).



With another art director, we strategized and thought of the ways we could appeal to both our desired audiences who are distinctly different in mind-set and profile. In order to disrupt the conventions of the airline industry, which have become overly saturated with commercial primary colors used in branding. We decided the key communication should be to communicate the true colors of Mexico - appealing to leisure travelers as colorful, fun, but yet authentic and not 'touristy' but also to our VFR audience, who are more skeptical, with an authentic and trusting feel as we are not 'selling' the commerical aspects of Mexico but rather the idea of "going home" or "bringing someone home".



Animated gifs shared on social provide bite-sized facts, hacks and tips about traveling. Our aesthetic is in line with our new digital and social rebranding which is fresh, light-hearted, fun- and very easy to absorb. This appeals to both our said VFR and leisure travelers audience.