weQuit App


An app I designed alongside another art director for our client GlaxoSmithKline. The app weQuit is a gamified quit-smoking program. In just over a month, weQuit users logged over 4 million smoke-free minutes.


weQuit is a gamified quit-smoking program that offers a social network to help people quit by providing daily motivation, daily tips and rewards for the small successes and milestones that a quitter has along the way. Users receive rewards in the form of badges which are then exchanged for real-life benefits such as product discounts and coupons that can be redeemed in-store. The longer the user stays smoke-free, the greater the reward. Alongside one other art director, we designed the entire UI for the app, worked with and bug tested the app with developers. In addition, we were also involved in the user experience and flow/functionality of the app. We were honoured to win an Appy Award in 2015! 


Examples of the avatars/characters I illustrated for the app. We wanted the aesthetic to be light-hearted and fun, each with interesting personal facets that are distinctive to each character. A collection and variety of 26 avatars were illustrated. In addition, we also illustrated 77 different badges that are featured and won throughout the app. 



An example animation I did for a portion/feature of the app that we ideated to be able to calculate your lung capacity by breathing into the phone. 


Featured here are screens within the app. The timeline screen allows users to track their progress visually, discover and see/track their badges, even slip-ups. The quit team page where you can join a quit team and 'cheer on' members of your team. Quit-points are tallied by team to encourage progress together- promoting a collective team effort and transparency even when you slip-up.


We created, sourced products and art directed the case study video for weQuit. Transcending the flat graphic style into real life and allowing app elements to come out of the app and interact in a hybrid "real-world" to provide the same aesthetic as the UI.